lens.vision every frame have dimension Example- Dimension of the frame: ·        Total width-  133 ·        Lens width  55 ·        Lens height-  38 ·        Bridge-       18 ·        Temple length-  140 ·        color  two ·        material metal Eye Size (Lens Width) is the horizontal with of the frame’s lens in millimeters. Usually, the eye size ranges from 40 […]

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11/04/2017 Very Important tips for Contact Lens users.

Very Important tips for Contact Lens users.

While contact lenses are safely used by millions of people every day, they do carry a risk of eye infection. Factors contributing to infection can include: Use of extended-wear lenses; Reduced tear exchange under the lens; Environmental factors; Poor hygiene. The single best way to avoid eye infections is to follow proper lens care guidelines […]

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11/04/2017 Eye Care Tips for Spectacles users.

Eye Care Tips for Spectacles users.

 Wear your glasses round the clock: Some people are careless about wearing spectacles either, usually because they think it doesn’t suit their face or is unfashionable, or they are afraid of people teasing them, or their spectacles are uncomfortable, or they just off by it. However, such carelessness can weaken the eyes further. While awake, […]

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