Why & How i choose Lens on lens.vision ???

WHY lens.vision???

When you think about a trusted website for your glasses, you are in right place, we have 99% satisfied customers from first trial. Now we are online. here as a Qualified OPTOMETRIST i know your requirement very well.

what is special here than other website???? why you choose lens.vision only ???

see 90% peoples need low power glasses, in almost every websites you get only one type of lens option (in case of power), there is no option if you have low power, mostly all websites put prices of very high powers, and you think u are smart to choose free frames etc., listen they include 0.25 to very high powers, and the price is most of website more than Rs. 1500+, if you have high power than you are lucky, but if you have low power means less than -6 power, there is big looting with you friends. so for this we include many lens type option for you to stop your looting by big names.

HOW to choose correct lens type??

SELECT lens single vision/bifocal

When you go lens.vision and open any frame, you see the option of SELECT LENS, when you select on from SINGLE VISION AND BIFOCAL , there is many options for you in short. don’t be confuse friends, we put absolutely clear option and easy to understand. in SINGLE VISION YOU GET LOW POWER (-6.00 SPH TO +3.00 SPH AND -+2.00 CYL) OPTION AND IF YOU HAVE MORE POWER FROM THIS YOU GO FOR HIGH POWER. again in single vision you choose many option as you require, e.g. choose for THIN LENSES THAT IS FOR HIGH INDEX LENSES, CHOOSE FROM UV LENSES IF YOU REQUIRED.

in BIFOCAL OPTION YOU CHOOSE ROUND BIFOCAL, D TYPE BIFOCAL, OR MULTIFOCAL/PROGRESSIVE/NO LINE lenses. when you choose any type of bifocal after that you can ADD FEATURES fom next open option.

ADD features

simply you go with hard coated means scratch resistance lenses by default. if you want premium hard coat lens you can choose from this option.

if you are copmuter user or if you drive evening or night time, or if you have high power you may go for HMC lenses, if you want best HMC you can go for premium HMC,

if you want auto sun glasses or photochromatic you can go for photocromatic there is again hard coat and HMC coating option for you.

if you go UV LENSES OPTION there is alredy premium HMC coatings

again if you want more advance lenses you can talk with me +91 90 54321 111 .

so enjoy puhasing with us friends and stop looting yourself to give higher prices for your low powered lenses.

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